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FAQs on general information for tenants


What laws govern tenancies?

The Landlord and Tenant Act and the Housing Acts are the main laws governing tenancies in the UK. These Acts govern residential, or private, tenancies. The Acts do not cover commercial tenancies, which are governed by other laws. The laws set out the respective rights and responsibilities of tenants and landlords.

What are tenants’ responsibilities?

Tenants have a responsibility to pay their rent on time, as set out in the tenancy agreement. Tenants must also pay the deposit stipulated in the tenancy agreements. Tenants must keep the property in the condition, in which they entered it, save for some normal wear and tear. They must allow their landlord to enter the property to make necessary repairs, so long as they are provided with the correct notice.

What are tenants’ rights?

Tenants have the right not to be disturbed in the property. They also have the right for repairs to be made when necessary and requested. The property must also be maintained in a safe condition. Tenants have the right for their deposit to be protected in an authorised deposit protection scheme. And, on termination of the lease, they are entitled to the return of their deposit, so long as they have not breached the terms of the tenancy agreement or caused damage to the property.

What are common disputes for tenants?

One of the most commonly breached tenants’ rights is the right to privacy and to the quiet enjoyment of the property. Another common breach of tenants’ rights is the failure of landlords to make repairs as required. Finally, the right of tenants’ to receive their tenancy deposit back in full on the termination of the lease is often breached.

What legal action can be taken in landlord and tenancy disputes?

Most landlord and tenancy disputes can be solved through negotiation. If you are having difficulties communicating with your landlord, you may get a solicitor to negotiate with your landlord on your behalf. If legal action is necessary, your solicitor will advise you on your options, including making a claim in the Small Claims Court.

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