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FAQs: Emigration solicitors


What is emigration?

Emigration happens when someone leaves their home country to go and live in another country permanently. Countries that UK citizens commonly emigrate to include Australia, Canada, and the United States.

What is the difference between immigration and emigration?

Immigration happens when someone from outside the UK enters the UK to settle here. Emigration is thus the flip side of immigration: non UK-citizens immigrate to the UK and UK citizens emigrate to other countries. But they are the same process, only from different views.

What is involved in emigrating?

To emigrate you will need to do a lot of preparation. You must apply for permission to live and work in the destination country. Whilst applying for short-term visas may be relatively straightforward, applying to settle in another country can be a lot more complex. Usually, this will entail making an application for permanent residence, which can be a costly and lengthy process.

What do emigration solicitors do?

Emigration solicitors can help with the whole emigration process, from start to finish. They can advise you on the prospects of succeeding before you lodge an application, to ensure you don’t waste your time and money. They will also help complete the application in the most favourable light, to increase your chances of it being approved.

Do you need to use emigration solicitors?

If your plans for emigration are very important to you, you should consider using emigration solicitors. They are experts at knowing what the authorities of your destination country are looking for when approving and rejecting applications. You should find an emigration solicitor who is experienced with your destination country. If any problems arise, or if the application is rejected, your emigration solicitor will deal with this. Emigration solicitors will also usually be able to refer you to a host of other services which can help you in your move, including shipping, insurance, local banking and other local services.

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