Using Mediation in Family Law


In family law mediation is a way of resolving family disputes outside of court. It is a voluntary process in which couples involved in a dispute, most commonly following a divorce or separation, will come together for a meeting or several meetings. Under UK family law mediation is 'without prejudice', it means that any discussion during mediation is kept confidential and cannot be used in court at a later stage. This process is commonly used to resolve disputes regarding child arrangements, property, finance and maintenance.

Both parties explain their concerns and needs to each other in the presence of a qualified family law mediator.  It allows each of the parties to speak freely in an open and honest environment which can help improve future communication. Mediation is an increasingly popular way of resolving family disputes as is allows the parties negotiate in private rather than placing themselves in the hands of the court. It is also a less costly route of dispute resolution. A family law mediator may charge a comparable fee to that of a solicitor, but the mediation process is faster than taking a dispute to court.  In the best case scenario mediation can take a matter of hours.

A family law mediator is a neutral third party, which means that they are not on anyone's side.  A mediator is present to guide both parties through the problem solving process. This is unlike a solicitor who will only work for one party in each case.  A mediator may suggest ways of solving a problem to urge parties to reach an agreement that is accepted by both parties, but they will never tell either party what to do. Our mediators can help you to resolve disputes without the trouble of going to court and have wide ranging experience in resolving family issues.

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