Family law FAQs


Family law is an area of law which will almost certainly have an impact on everyone at some point in their lives. It's very wide-ranging, which means that it not only has many different categories, from marriage to divorce to adoption, but it also has many different ways of being resolved, from amicable mediation to court-based decisions.

We have broken down our FAQs into five different categories:

  • Child law (such as adoption, maintenance)
  • Divorce law (including grounds and speed)
  • Alternative separation (such as annulment)
  • Living together (like marriage, cohabitation etc)
  • General information (such as mediation, education and the courts)

Take a look at our articles on these topics. If you think you might need a solicitor, which you will for the majority of these situations, then give us a call on 08001 221 2299. How much legal work you require will vary dramatically on the circumstances, but seeking the advice of a professional is always beneficial in the long term.

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