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In cases requiring family law advice, our solicitors can provide their expert knowledge and experience to deal with a range of family matters. Whether you are thinking of divorce, adoption or applying for custody of your child and would like to know what options are available, we can put you through to family solicitors who can give you the practical advice you need. Our solicitors are well aware that cases involving family law can often be emotionally distressing. Therefore having a solicitor to provide legal advice throughout your case can be an invaluable asset to you and your family.

If you are on income support, any other benefit or earn less than £20,000/year then you may be entitled to apply for legal aid to help with your case. Legal aid is a government-supported scheme which provides legal access for those who might not have access under normal circumstances. With a large network of recommended solicitors throughout the UK, we are able to direct you to family solicitors who are qualified in providing legal aid. They can help you negotiate a divorce, separation, financial settlement or child custody agreement, whilst giving you advice you know you can trust.

The following are just some examples of the different types of legal aid available: 

  • Legal help: This provides for initial legal help and advice
  • General family help: Provides help in issuing proceedings, including writing letters, finding and interviewing witnesses and speaking to barristers
  • Help at court: This allows a solicitor to speak in court on your behalf without formally acting for you for the whole proceedings

Of course, family law cases won’t only be for those requiring legal aid. Whatever your situation family issues requiring legal help need the best support possible. To give yourself the best-possible chance in your case it is essential to talk to a family law specialist.

In cases requiring family law assistance, Caven can put you in touch with local law firm with specialist family law solicitors. Please call us on 08001 221 2299 or complete the web-form above.

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