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Employment law is a broad and complex area of specialist law. The rules and requirements under employment law, and its corresponding rights and obligations, are complex and frequently changing. Businesses need to ensure they adopt appropriate policies and procedures in relation to various aspects of the employment relationship to ensure legal compliance and to minimise the costs of conflicts and problems in the employment relationship.

Employment law specialists are experienced in setting up appropriate systems to ensure that legislative requirements are met, for example in relation to health and safety in the workplace, and anti-discrimination and equal opportunity.

Employment law specialists are also invaluable in dealing with day-to-day aspects of the employment relationship, such as understanding and negotiating rights and responsibilities under the employment contract.

It is also crucial to engage the assistance of employment law specialists when dealing with the termination of the employment relationship through dismissal in its various forms, including redundancy.

Employment law specialists also deal with emerging and niche areas of employment law such as the privacy in the workplace, and rights to work in the UK and in the European Union.

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