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There are many employment law firms operating, and if your business is facing employment-law issues or claims it can be difficult to know which firm to choose. It is important to know that you can rely on a law firm that is specialised in the particular area of employment law with which you are concerned. It can also be beneficial for your business to have an ongoing relationship with an employment law firm so that you can consult with a specialist lawyer on day-to-day issues concerning the employment relationship.

The most common employment law issues affecting business which employment law firms can assist you with include:

The employment contract: It is important to obtain professional advice at all stages of the employment relationship. Employment law firms can assist you with issues such as negotiating the terms of an employment contract, dealing with a breach of an employment contract and changing the terms of an employment contract

Dismissal: Ensuring that a dismissal is made in accordance with the law is a complex area of employment law. In certain situations it is particularly important to ensure that you receive advice before dismissing an employee. Where either a summary dismissal or a redundancy is proposed, there are specific rules applicable. Additionally, in any situation where it is conceivable that an employee might consider making an unfair dismissal claim, a constructive dismissal claim or a wrongful dismissal claim, you should seek specialist legal advice

Health and safety at work: Employers have a duty, so far,as is reasonably practical, to ensure the health, safety and welfare of their employees and to comply with various legislative requirements.

Anti-discrimination and equal opportunity: Employers must ensure that all policies and procedures in the workplace respect the requirements of the various anti-discrimination and equal opportunity legislation.

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