Employment disputes


Employment disputes are work-related conflicts, most commonly between an employer and an employee. Employment disputes are usually legal in nature, because the law of employment is relevant to nearly every issue about which a dispute could arise in the workplace.

The most common reason for employment disputes to develop is as a result of a termination of employment. Under English law there are two separate legal protections for inappropriate termination; unfair dismissal and wrongful dismissal. The two are closely related, but the laws regarding unfair dismissal generally only apply if certain conditions are met. As a general rule the difference between the two is that unfair dismissal relates to the reason for terminating the employment, whereas wrongful dismissal relates the manner in which the employment was terminated.

Employment disputes may also develop regarding wages, discrimination at work, bonuses or other benefits, and work-related injuries, amongst other reasons. In nearly all cases it is advisable for the employee to seek an employment solicitor’s opinion. A legal consultation enables you to properly assess the strength of your arguments, informs you of the legal framework within which you operate, and allows you to better understand the procedural aspects of bringing a claim.

If you have a claim regarding employment, or you think you might be entitled to compensation, you should speak to a specialist solicitor before you do anything else. Depending on your particular situation, your actions early on in a case may impact your success in the future.

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