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If you have been dismissed from your place of employment, contract law may become relevant. An employee is normally employed under a contract of employment. If they are subsequently dismissed by their employer they may have claims against them. These claims may come from employment, contract law and other areas of law including anti-discriminatory law.

Employment and contract law are closely related. This is because employees are given rights under their contracts of employments. For example, employees are usually given a right to a period of notice before they are dismissed. If this right were to be breached, an employee could make a claim for wrongful dismissal.

Wrongful dismissal is a contractual claim. It arises when an employer has dismissed an employee without notice or by giving them too short a period of notice. For example, an employee who is entitled to four weeks’ notice but is dismissed after only two, would have a wrongful dismissal claim. However, if that employee’s contract of employment included a ‘payment in lieu of notice’ clause then they may not have a wrongful dismissal claim. This clause allows an employer to dismiss an employee without notice. The employer must then pay the employee for the notice period they would have worked for (four weeks’ wages in the example used).

As employment, contract law and other claims often overlap, employment tribunals allow the claims to be brought together. However, the compensation awarded cannot be doubled if the claimant is successful with more than one claim.

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