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There are various forms and precedents that can be used to record employment agreements. Different types of forms and precedents can be accessed from legal databases. These include redundancy, dismissal, and disciplinary forms and precedents. An employment contract form can also be accessed from legal databases. There are two types of employment contract forms, outlined below.

Indefinite employment contracts:

These contracts are terminable by notice. In this type of employment contract form a notice clause should specify the notice period to be given by the employer if he wishes to terminate the employee’s contract. This notice period must not be less than the statutory minimum period implied into the contract by law. In some cases the notice period stipulated in contracts is far greater than the statutory minimum. This is usually the case with senior employees as employers do not want to lose them at short notice.

Fixed-term contracts:

Fixed term contracts are for a specific period of time, for example, six months. Once the fixed term comes to an end the employee’s contract of employment terminates. Employers should be wary about granting employees long fixed-term contracts, as if an employer wants to end a long fixed-term contract prematurely, they will be liable to pay the employee compensation for breach of contract.

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