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If you and your spouse find it hard to agree on issues relating to divorce and find it hard to communicate, then you may become part of the divorce record of couples going to court to litigate over what they cannot agree on. Often when couple choose to litigate their matters at court their relationship becomes worse as each side always wants to have the upper hand, and this type of behaviour may be hard to shake because neither party wants to lose. However, this can have a serious and damaging affect on a couple’s future relationship and can be especially bad when there are children involved.

If you and your spouse do not want to become part of the divorce record of couples choosing to litigate at court then there are more relationship-friendly alternatives. Mediation is an increasingly popular way for couples to come together and resolve the divorce-related issues. In the mediation procedure couples will come together for a mediation meeting where they will sit with a trained mediator and talk face-to-face about their issues. Each party takes turns in expressing their concerns and issues to the other party in an open and honest environment, promoting positive communication and agreement. The mediator acts as an impartial third party who listens to both parties and may provide the couple with various options to help the couple reach an agreement. As an impartial third party a mediator will never advise either party on what they should do, and this allows the parties themselves to be in the driving seat of the process.

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