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A divorce document is any document that is required as part of the divorce process. There are many divorce forms that must be completed in order to obtain a divorce. Each form must be completed to the court’s satisfaction and filed at court within a given time frame. The time frame will either be set by the court or divorce law. Failure to do this could mean a delay in getting a divorce, so it is advisable that you obtain the services of a specialist divorce solicitor to help you complete and file the required divorce documents.

One important divorce document is the ‘petition’. Once filed at court by the petitioner (applicant) the divorce process officially begins. The court will then send a copy of the petition to the respondent (applicant’s husband or wife) and the court also requires a copy for its records. As a result the petitioner must file three copies of the petition document at court. Either party to a marriage can petition for divorce, as long as the couple have been married for a period of one year or more. The petitioner must show in the petition that his or her marriage has ‘irretrievably broken down’. This is a requirement set out by law and can be done by using adultery, unreasonable behaviour, desertion or separation as grounds for divorce.

Another form that must be completed is a ‘statement of arrangements for children’ form. If there are any children, this form should be completed and filed along with the petition. A petitioner should set out details of where their child should live following the divorce, what school they attend, details of who shall care for the child and what maintenance has been agreed or is yet to be agreed between the spouses. There are many different forms and processes involved, and a solicitor can ensure everything is completed correctly.

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