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Legal services for divorce include a variety of matters offered by law firms. Contrary to popular belief, a divorce law firm will not solely provide legal advice to those petitioning for divorce. For example, if you are thinking about getting married then a solicitor can explain how a pre-nuptial agreement can be used to protect you in the future should the marriage breakdown. Divorce solicitors can help those contemplating separation by providing options explaining the different ways a couple can separate and this will enable you to decide on which method of separation will best suit your situation and needs. If you are thinking of separating from your spouse then obtaining the legal services of divorce solicitors is strongly advised.

You can might wish to separate informally, meaning you and your spouse decide to live apart and agree between yourselves how the separation should work. Another way is to stop living together but have all matters that relate to your separation set out in a formal written contract, known as a separation agreement. The less common (but nevertheless still used) way to separate is by way of judicial separation, also known as legal separation. Judicial separation is a court order which once issued means a couple will no longer have a legal duty to live together as man and wife. However, they will still remain legally married. This can be used in cases where one or both parties have a religious objection to divorce, but it also means that neither couple is free to remarry.

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