Defining referral quality

Many firms ask whether our leads are of good quality. That's fair enough - with a constantly changing market, ensuring that a marketing service will deliver the service expected is an important question to ask!

We define a quality lead as one that satisfies the following criteria:

  • The case has legal merit
  • The client has confirmed they are aware that there will be fees involved, and that they’re in a position to pay
  • The enquiry matches pre-agreed criteria – this would include the area of law, the location of the client, the funding options they are looking for. These preferences are agreed prior to service commencing

How do we verify these points?

Every single client who enquires with us speaks with a trained case handler who assesses and qualifies their enquiry, so there’s always a person verifying the suitability. As such we say yes, our leads are of good quality.

We understand however that there can sometimes be instances in which the client’s situation isn’t as we initially believed. Or there may be circumstances that prevent the lead developing as we originally believed it would.

Our case handling process is a human process after all, and we are dealing with members of the public who may not have (or disclose!) all of the facts.

Quality control

We have clear guidelines to manage these occasions as they can happen and your Account Manager is always on hand to speak to, and to resolve the situation.

Please be assured that if you’re referred a lead that doesn’t meet our standards, we will replace it free of charge.