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Employment contracts

A contract of employment sets out the rights and obligations of both the employee and their employer. Employment contracts are commonly in writing, although they are not required to be so by law. A contract of employment example or precedent can be found online.

A worker who has a contract of employment is habitually considered to be an employee. Employees have rights given to them under the contract, which are known as contractual rights. In addition to these rights, employees have legal rights given to them by legislation and common law. In some instances, terms are implied into contracts of employment by law.

Difference between workers and employees

Workers employed on a casual basis or through agencies are not deemed to be employees. Casual workers or agency workers do not enjoy the same rights and protections given to employees by law. A contract of employment should not be used to record an employment relationship between a casual or agency worker and their employer. If such a contract is used then that casual worker or agency worker may attain the status of an employee. As a result they could potentially be able to bring unfair dismissal or other claims if dismissed by their employer.

A contract of employment example or precedent downloaded from the internet should be used with caution. Often, the websites from which such contracts can be downloaded from cannot guarantee the accuracy of the contracts. It is safer to instruct a specialist solicitor to draft contracts of employment.

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