Construction disputes


It makes no difference whether you are building hotels, restaurants, retail parks, leisure and office blocks, power stations or any other type of construction project: it can be complex, and if a problem arises it is often difficult to pinpoint who is to blame and why. Construction disputes are fairly common, and vary in nature, size and complexity. This can be the case even with the most carefully crafted contracts, and can give rise to potentially complex and high-value disputes for any of the following: claims for defective works, contract termination, loss and expense, acceleration, additional works and delays. The work of experts such as chartered surveyors will be required to help resolve the problems, particularly if there is a dispute over who to pursue in a claim or how to prepare a defence in a construction dispute claim. With an expert’s input and legal costs, construction disputes can become very expensive and mediation is often the best method to settle a dispute.

Most construction disputes are resolved by negotiation. Negotiations may take place alongside arbitration, adjudication or any other form of alternative dispute resolution. If negotiations produce a settlement, the terms of the settlement should be put into a contract so that it can be enforced by the court.

Due to the sheer volume of material that has to be absorbed it is important to obtain expert legal advice in construction disputes, particularly if this advice was not sought appropriately enough before the works were carried out.

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