Making a complaint (as a law firm)

At Caven we aim to provide the highest standards of service. However, there may be occasions when you feel that we have failed to meet your expectations. We want the opportunity to put things right for you as quickly as we can and take steps, where appropriate, to make sure that any mistakes don't happen again.

Our internal complaints process

If at any time you have cause for complaint, the first step is to contact your account manager, either by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or in writing. They will acknowledge your complaint within two business days and will then look at the concerns you have and will provide a detailed response within 10 working days of the acknowledgement. Some complaints may take longer to process, but we will keep you informed of this, reasons for the delay and revised time scales.

If you remain unhappy, we want you to let us know so that your complaint can proceed quickly to the next stage.

If you do wish to progress your complaint, you can ask for it to be reviewed by the head of account management. They will look at any additional concerns you have and a written response will be provided by email using the same timescales as above.

We ask that you respond within 14 days of receipt of this email, confirming that you are satisfied or otherwise. If no response is received the matter will be deemed to have been concluded.

If you remain unsatisfied you can ask that your complaint be dealt with by a director. We will then acknowledge this within two working days and confirm the name and contact details of the director handling the matter. Within 10  working days, the director will either:

  • Provide a full and final response in writing by email, or
  • Contact you to explain why this isn’t possible and/ or request further information

We treat complaints seriously, and we expect that this final stage will bring the matter to a satisfactory conclusion.
We appreciate feedback and are committed to resolving all complaints quickly and fairly.

Important information

For [selected AoL] law, solicitors will charge a minimum fee of £250 to provide an initial consultation and written opinion on your case. We have a number of recommended law firms in our network who could provide this service to you at the most competitive price. If you would like to proceed, click ‘Paid advice’ below and one of our advisors will call you on a free-of-charge basis to discuss this further with you.