Compensation as a result of a plane accident


A plane accident can result in personal injury and in fatalities, both of which can result in a personal injury claim against the airline, the owner of the aircraft, the travel company, or whoever might have been at fault. Plane accidents can occur on any type of aircraft, from large commercial craft to light aircraft used as a hobby. If you have suffered injury as a result of a plane accident then you should immediately contact a solicitor who can assist in gathering evidence, negotiating with the defendant and bringing your claim to court.

Plane accidents are likely to require a high degree of expertise in establishing liability. It may be that specialist examination of the crash scene and the aircraft is required and reports may need to be prepared, which can be costly. Your solicitor will talk to you about costs in your first meeting and will discuss the options available to you. It is relatively common for personal injury solicitors to enter into ‘no-win, no-fee’ agreements with their clients, which allow the client to bring a claim knowing that if they lose, they will not need to pay their solicitor’s fees.

In the case of a personal injury claim against an airline or a travel company, it is highly likely that the defendants will want to settle the claim before it gets to court because of the adverse publicity the claim will generate once it is in the public domain. This should be borne in mind when agreeing a settlement figure, and again the use of a solicitor is vital in this instance.

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