Commercial Property Law


Commercial property law lays down clear procedures for a solicitor and also sets out the position for both a buyer and a seller during the sale or acquisition of commercial property or land.  Commercial property is essentially property used for business or office purposes, not for residential purposes.

When purchasing a commercial property, you will be required to enter into a legally binding contract with the seller.  The contract may affect your rights and may impose certain legal obligations on you.  This is where commercial property law plays an important role.  It regulates your rights and obligations under the contract.  This can help you to avoid problems that cost you money and time.

The extent of the commercial property law advice you require depends on you.  It can be as broad as you want it to be.  In addition to preparing/ reviewing the contract, it will generally include reviewing title to ensure that the commercial property is clear and can be transferred.  It will also include ensuring that there are no interests registered against the commercial property, which could affect your enjoyment such as restrictions on use or rights of way enjoyed by others, which may inconvenience you.  In order for legal ownership to pass to you, commercial property law requires the registration of all legal documents.

Importantly, should a transaction not materialise, commercial property law provides you with rights and remedies to help protect your position.

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