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There are a diverse range of commercial law firms from two-partner niche firms to huge global conglomerates.  Some firms will focus on large international deals while others act for locally-based clients.  Price, culture and speed of delivery vary enormously in commercial law firms.  It is necessary to carry out research, relevant to the nature of instruction you may offer to the firm in order to decide which commercial law firms are right for you.

Broadly speaking, commercial law firms can be categorised in the following, non-exhaustive way:

  • The city elite, including the four magic circle firms.  They have a huge global presence, work on very high profile deals and boast the largest global turnovers.
  • National players where the firm has offices in more than one UK city and are typically headquartered outside the capital.
  • Regional giants are commercial law firms, which boast a good reputation and are headquartered outside London and only have a limited presence, if at all, outside their home cities.
  • International firms:  US firms in London continue to make an impact.  Some US firms prefer to be referred to as international firms.  US firms are usually categorised by the location of their head offices including New York, Washington DC or the West Coast.  Many of these firms came to be as a result of transatlantic mergers.

In addition to general commercial/corporate work, most commercial law firms provide multiple different services such as property, tax, employment, banking, intellectual property and competition law.  Commercial law firms work as a team on often complex and intellectually challenging work, which requires the ability to meet demanding deadlines and work under pressure.

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