Clinical negligence in the UK


If you have been a victim of clinical negligence, UK solicitors can help you bring an action against the professional who treated you. Clinical negligence is a complex, highly contentious area of law. Assessing whether you have claim for clinical negligence is something that only a qualified, experienced solicitor can do. This is because it will require detailed analysis of the facts and the relevant law.

Whilst civil litigation is an option, if you have a case for clinical negligence, UK solicitors can help you bring a resolution to your matter without going to court.

If you have a strong claim for clinical negligence, UK Civil Procedural Rules can be used to help you settle your matter. Under Part 36 of the Civil Procedural Rules, one party can make the other a ‘Part 36 Offer’. Part 36 offers are being used more frequently by solicitors to settle civil litigation matters.

In Part 36 Offers the party bringing the claim makes the defendant an offer to settle the claim for a prescribed amount. This offer is open for 21 days. If the defendant does not accept the offer then the court may impose severe financial penalties on them. These penalties may be imposed on the defendant if the court awards the claimant the same or more money then they offered in their Part 36 Offer.  

If you have claim for clinical negligence, you should consult a solicitor who may be able to make a Part 36 Offer to the opposition on your behalf.

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