Child welfare and the law


Child welfare is an area of law which has been designed to help protect children and young persons. Child welfare law created a legal framework which ensures the law performs its role by providing children with rights and penalising those who are acting against the interests of children.

There are several significant pieces of legislation under the child welfare law. The most notable is the Children and Young Persons Act 1933, which made it a criminal offence to neglect and mistreat children. In recent years the Children Act 1989 was passed to help deal with more specific issues relating to child welfare. Specifically, the 1989 Act provided local authorities with rights designed to protect children in need. The police became responsible for investigating cases where children appeared to be in danger, and the courts could pass orders ensuring the children’s safety, such as emergency protection, supervision and secure accommodation orders. The Protection of Children Act 1999 added to those by introducing a system that would help identify individuals who are not suitable to work with children.

If you are concerned for a child’s welfare it is usually best to go to the police for help. The child welfare law is enforced by both police commissionaires and local agencies but for immediate attention the police is more appropriate. If you are involved in a long-term dispute which has a potential affect on the welfare of a child, you should keep in mind that any court decision will consider the child’s interest as a top priority.

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