Child support and the law


Child support law is the legal framework which deals with the allocation and enforcement of maintenance payments which a resident parent (the parent who lives with the child) receives from the non-resident parent.

Child support law is mainly enforced through the Child Support Agency, or CSA. The CSA can be notified by a resident parent when a court order is not observed by the non-resident parent, and the CSA acts to ensure the parent and child in question receive the appropriate amounts. The actions the CSA can take are quite severe, and they include tracking down non-resident parents, confiscating their assets, taking pay directly from their wages, and even putting them in prison.

The amount of child support is calculated based on specific financial information such as income, expenses and educational costs. The amount itself therefore varies dramatically from case to case. The sum could be different to the calculated sum if an agreement was reached in court as part of a consent order.

If you are currently in a dispute regarding the amount or the payment of maintenance, you will more than likely benefit from speaking to a family solicitor. Child support law is complex and there are many issues which only apply in certain cases. Seeking a professional’s opinion will allow you to fully understand your legal duties and available options. You could also seek to appeal any CSA action that you feel was unfair. These appeals also rely on child support law, and so a family solicitor’s advice can be helpful.

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