Child maintenance law


Child maintenance law is principally designed to safeguard the well being of children in cases in which their parents separate. Under child maintenance law, the parent without the principal responsibility of looking after the child must pay child maintenance to the other parent. Child maintenance payments are designed to help the parent in receipt of these payments cover the child’s living costs.

The payment or indeed non-payment of child maintenance can have a major affect on the child’s well being and quality of life. If you separate with your partner, it is important that you have an effective child maintenance agreement in place. Under child maintenance law, there are two main ways of doing this:

  • Coming to a private agreement with the other parent
  • Using the statutory maintenance service (currently the Child Support Agency) to calculate the maintenance due and collect it

If you opt for the first of the above options, you should contact a solicitor to help you draw up the agreement. If the agreement is in writing and sets out the payments to be made, there can be few disputes between the parents. Having a solicitor draft the agreement will also ensure that it is legally binding on both parties, as the agreement would form a contract between the two parties.

Child maintenance law overlaps with other benefits laws. Receiving child maintenance payments may affect other benefits that you may receive. You should seek advice from a welfare benefits advisor on this subject.

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