Child custody issues under family law


When dealing with divorce, some of the most contentious issues which arise have to do with child custody. Family law matters such as this have a clear commitment to put the child’s needs and welfare ahead of any other considerations.

Divorce cases are heard by a family panel which consists of three magistrates. For the panel, which operates under the legal framework of family law, child custody decisions can become quite complex. The orders which result from these decisions can include orders regarding the residence of the child, any contact rights the non-residential parent will have, any prohibited behaviour and any specific issues in the child’s life, such as what school the child will go to. Additionally there is often the issue of child support or maintenance payments. The sum of these payments will vary depending on the economic situation of the couple, and could also be agreed upon as part of a consent order.

If you are currently seeking child custody, family law procedures will dictate what arguments you should make and how you should act. The benefits of hiring a legal professional in matters such as these cannot be overstated. Disputes regarding a child’s custody tend to become extremely emotional, especially since they are often between two parties with a difficult history. Your legal counsel will ensure that your case is presented in the most appropriate and effective manner, and that your arguments are heard in their entirety

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