Causes of Divorce


If you are considering divorcing your husband or wife then you may want to think about gaining some legal advice from a divorce solicitor. Knowing as much as you can about the causes of divorce and implications of divorce on your finances and children will improve your chances of getting through the process with the least amount of negative impact on your family. 

The causes of divorce vary for each individual couple. There is no one cause but a variety of different reasons why couples choose divorce. The breakdown of communication between couples is one of the common causes of divorce. Lack of communication is not in itself a ground on which a divorce petition can be based, but often leads to problems which can cause the break up of marriage.

If you and your spouse are having trouble communicating on issues such as finances, household bills or the upbringing of your children, then you should consider trying mediation.  Mediation is process of face-to-face meetings in which disputes can be solved in private. It promotes good communication and honesty. An independent third party (a mediator) will sit in the meetings and listen to both parties, using their negotiating skills to draw the parties into a mutual agreement. A mediator can provide options to promote a solution, but will never tell either party what to do and as such, it is the parties that are in control. Our mediators are highly trained in encouraging communication and have experience in dealing with a range of marital-related problems.     

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