Why are there so many different courts?


By Roland Romata

In my varied role as a case handler I deal with clients and disputes across the legal field. Sometimes it is clear to both me and the client that a case will need to be taken further at a specific court, such as the Magistrate’s Court or the High Court. On other occasions there are more complicated cases which can be tried in front of a number of different courts, so a specialist solicitor is a must to assist the client.

Civil Court or Employment Tribunal?

The types of cases I deal with most often are employment claims. As mentioned above, most of the claims are fairly straightforward but there are cases which do not fit the ordinary litigation channels.

An example of this is when employees are outside of the three-month limitation period which is required by the Employment Tribunal. I often deal with matters when the employer fails to make the correct final payments following redundancies or resignations, but the client does not realise this for almost half a year. In cases like these, the Employment Tribunal will not accept the application but employees are still able to take legal action using a civil court for breach of contract.

Criminal or Civil Court?

In addition to the above example there are other, more complicated cases in which a specialist solicitor is required to assess the cases in order to make an application at the most suitable court.

For instance, there are cases in which the privacy of individuals has been breached though the criminal activities of professionals. A great example would be if individuals were filmed by professionals who were employed to look after them. Although this matter clearly has a civil law side to it, the subsequent details of the case give sufficient grounds to criminal proceedings as well. In cases like these, the criminal action and investigation is mostly done by the local police force and the Crown Prosecution Service but the civil litigation side still requires a private solicitor to act on the client’s behalf.

As you can see, a legal matter or injustice can be a lot more complicated than initially thought and it is often crucial to consult a legal expert. They will be able to assess the merits of the case and submit the right legal proceedings, saving you time and money.
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