Personal Injury Claims in General


By Roland Romata

Accidents and personal injury is unfortunately part of our everyday life. When an accident and injury was caused by someone who owed you a duty of care, that person may have been in breach of the duty of care they owed to you. Personal injury claims can often be complex and therefore it is highly recommended to consult a specialist solicitor in order to accurately assess a potential claim.
There are various forms of personal injury –from bodily to mental- which may be suffered at work, in public or whilst under professional care. When personal injury is suffered due to the breach of another party’s statutory obligation, you may be able to register a personal injury claim and possibly receive compensation for your sufferings and losses. Each claim will need to comply with two main criteria, namely, duty of care and foreseeable damages.

Duty of Care

For personal injury claims it is essential to prove that the injury suffered by an individual is the result of a duty of care owed. For example, if somebody suffers personal injury (regardless of its nature) at work, he/she may be able to claim compensation if the employer owed a duty of care which was breached. If an employee reports a health and safety hazard, for example a faulty shelf, to the employer it becomes the responsibility of the employer to fix it. If an accident occurs due to the faulty unit, for instance if products falls on the employee from the faulty shelf, then the employee will be able to claim compensation for the personal injury suffered.

Foreseeable Damages

The injuries suffered must be a foreseeable result of the breach of duty of care. For example, an electricity company is undertaking maintenance so they turn off electricity for residential properties. A resident falls down the stairs as he/she went to check the fuse box. The personal injuries suffered in this case can neither be said to be directly linked to the electricity provider nor is it the direct result of the maintenance crew’s operation and, therefore, it is unlikely that the electricity company would be liable.
As always, personal injury claims can be disputed and liability may be negotiated between the parties. If you have had any form of personal injury, you should contact a specialist solicitor to discuss your claim.

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