How to get a valid will


By Roland Romata

A will is an official and legal document of the deceased which instructs the executor to divide the inheritance according to one’s wish. This document always makes probate proceedings quicker and when applicable, reduces tax payable on the estate.

How do I get a valid will?

There are several ways to create a valid will. For example, you may approach a specialist solicitor who will be able to offer a personal meeting to identify you true needs. Using a solicitor is the best way to create a will as they will be able to draft it based on your personal requests, and if you so wish they can store the will for you as well.

I have dealt with several clients where the will has gone missing or the deceased never informed the beneficiaries about its existence. Situations like these commonly end up in a dispute where a contested probate solicitor will be required. When I speak to the clients it is clear to me that it is not only a financial difficulty but is also detrimental to the family relationship. When a will is drafted by a specialist solicitor, they will also be able to advice on matters such as inheritance tax.

The alternative option is a professional will writer, who is not a qualified solicitor. They will meet with you in person and will deliver the will once it is finished. In contrast to a solicitor, they will neither be able to store the will nor to provide inheritance tax advice.

Can I use an online form to create my will?

Today everything is available via the internet. There are several websites offering wills by requiring the clients to input certain words. Based on my professional experience, it is not something which I would advise a client to use. Most of these websites will neglect to identify your personal situation and your exact requirements, thus increasing the risk of mistakes. I have spoken to several individuals who used such a service and, once they meet with a solicitor to approve it, they had to start from the beginning. Overall, it will be a lot more cost effective to engage with a will writer or a solicitor initially.

Roland Romata is one of Caven’s most knowledgeable case handlers with extensive experience in this matter from dealing with clients on a day-to-day basis.

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