Cardiff family solicitors and jurisdictional issues


Cardiff family solicitors frequently deal with matters of divorce where one party is in England and the other is in Wales. This is not much of an issue because both countries operate under substantially the same legal system and the same court system. However, on occasion such an issue arises when one of the parties is in Cardiff and the other is in another jurisdiction such as Scotland.

In the case known as A v A, a family moved after the man was transferred to an RAF base in Scotland. Once the marriage broke down the wife went back to Wales and during one of her contact visits with the children she refused to return the children to Scotland. At this point the Father began an action for divorce in Scotland and the mother instructed Cardiff family solicitors to begin proceedings there. The courts now had to decide the proper location for the divorce proceedings to take place. The Scottish courts had already given an order of residence (custody) for all three children to the father. Because of the timing of the application, the fact that the children all lived in Scotland and the fact that the mother improperly kept them in Wales, the courts decided to dismiss the mother’s application and allow the case to be handled in Scotland.

If you are in need of advice from Cardiff family solicitors you should find a solicitor that specialises in the area of law relating to you. For example, some Cardiff family solicitors specialise in cross-jurisdictional matters, both within the UK and internationally, whereas others specialised in adoption and child protection.

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