Car accidents in the UK


One common cause of injury and disability through accidents in the UK is car accidents. UK statistics show that almost 97 per cent of all transport fatalities are caused by car accidents. UK statistics also reveal that there were 231,000 road casualties in Great Britain during 2009 from car accidents.* UK law sets out a variety of legal requirements in relation to accidents on the road, with penalties for non-compliance. More-serious car accidents can also lead to charges being pressed and prosecution through the court system.

If you have been involved in a car accident in which illegal driving was involved, and a car accident resulted, you should get some legal advice about the potential consequences. For example, if a car accident involved dangerous driving, careless driving, driving unlicensed, driving while disqualified, driving a stolen vehicle, driving an unsafe vehicle, driving uninsured, or driving while drunk or under the influence of drugs, the police may treat the matter seriously and prosecute you or the other person involved. The fact that a car accident was connected to such behaviour is also an aggravating factor which will be taken into account by the sentencing magistrate. Serious penalties can be imposed, including fines, loss or suspension of licence, and, in serious cases, imprisonment.

If personal injury to anybody resulted from the car accident, you may be liable for compensation. If the accident was your fault, or even partly your fault, you may be found to have driven negligently and breached your duty of care to other road users, and thus be liable to pay for the loss they have suffered. Conversely, if you were the injured party then you may well have a case for compensation. Either way, expert advice from a specialist solicitor is highly recommended.

*All statistics taken from the Department for Transport

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