Car Accidents and Personal Injury


In personal injury, car accidents are one of the most common types of claim. When a road traffic accident occurs, the drivers of the vehicles are legally obliged to provide details of their insurance to all others involved in the accident. After the accident, the drivers of the vehicles often have very little input and the case is usually handled by the insurance companies of the parties.

In personal injury, car accidents are sometimes not as straightforward as simply being entirely the fault of one person or another. A road user has a duty of care to their own safety and should take precautions against a risk of injury. A claimant could therefore be partly responsible for their own injury and could have their damages reduced. A claimant who was not wearing a seatbelt in a car, and suffers greater injury as a result, is likely to have their damages reduced by 15%. A motorcyclist not wearing a helmet and a passenger in a vehicle where the driver was drunk, are also likely to have their damages reduced because of 'contributory negligence'. Due to the multitude of permutations it is essential to obtain the services of a specialist solicitor.

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