Can you claim for an ankle injury


The ankle is a delicate and complex joint that is capable of a wide range of movement, but at the same time has to bear the full weight of the body, meaning the forces that are exerted on to it can be considerable, making it susceptible to injury.  An ankle injury can be very disruptive to the every day life of an individual and can take a long time to heal. As a result ankle injuries, which are specifically the result of a third party’s negligence, are good cases for personal-injury compensation. Compensation can vary from a couple of hundred pounds to around £30,000 for severe ankle fractures. The amount of compensation received will be determined by whether a complete recovery has been made, whether there are ongoing problems, whether there has been financial loss as a result of the injury and if there has been any other type of loss.

The compensation awarded for an ankle injury is not meant to be a windfall, but rather to make up for any financial losses due to loss of earnings/medical bills or due to damages to personal items and in extreme cases the loss of employment. Some people may have to adapt their homes to deal with the injury permanently and this will also be taken into consideration - as will costs of treatment. Most personal-injury solicitors will bring a claim on your behalf under Conditional Fee Agreements (no-win, no-fee basis). You should however ensure that they have experience of dealing with accident claims and can provide you with the best possible service.

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