Can I make a personal injury claim online?

When can I make a claim?

Personal injury claims can be made when you have sustained a bodily injury that was the fault of another person, business or organisation. You can bring a claim for a physical or psychological injury, although to qualify you must have received medical attention for that injury. Personal injury claims are brought by specialist personal injury solicitors, who will assess the merits of your case before advising you whether they feel it has a chance of success.

The purpose of compensation

It is worth noting that compensation for personal injury is designed to compensate for actual losses sustained and not to punish the party at fault. As a result you can claim things such as loss of earnings, the impact on your personal and family life, and for the pain and suffering caused by your injury.

Online claims

Personal injury claims can be brought online via the Courts Service website. It is possible to represent yourself although it is worth noting that personal injury law is complex. Specialist personal injury solicitors can offer an advantage. They will understand the relevant and most recent case law, and will be able to advise you on the likely compensation you could receive for your injury. This is important when deciding exactly where to bring your case.

Most personal injury lawyers will usually first write to the defendant to set out the details of your claim. If the defendant accepts liability, or if their personal injury solicitor advises them to, they will accept liability and you can move on to discuss a settlement. This can all be done before a case reaches court, and your personal injury solicitor can ensure you conduct your case in the correct way.

Should the defendant choose to refute liability, your solicitor will be experienced in the next steps required to bring the case to the appropriate court. Many personal injury solicitors allow you to make online enquiries prior to them contacting you.

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Last updated: 02/06/2011
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