Calculating child support payments


When the Child Support Agency (referred to from now on as CSA) calculates child support, it takes a number of factors into account. Below is a summary of the key factors that need to be considered when making the calculation.


To calculate child support, the paying parent’s ‘net weekly income’ must be ascertained. When the CSA is ascertaining this figure, it can consult both parents and HMRC to help calculate this figure. There are variations to the paying parent’s net weekly income. For example, if the paying parent shares the caring of the child then an amount will normally be deducted from what they have to pay.

In some cases, if the paying parent’s income is below a prescribed amount, or they have no income, they may not have to pay any child support.

Flat rate

When the CSA calculates child support it must also consider the flat rate. Dependent on the income of the paying parent, they may pay a flat rate of child support. If the parents earn between prescribed amounts then in normal circumstances they are only required to pay a certain amount of child support.

To fully and accurately calculate child support a number of other factors must also be taken into consideration. For example, the child’s education and other needs (for example, if they have a disability) may be considered. If the child is in a fee-paying school, the paying parent may have to contribute towards the cost of school fees. It’s very complicated, and using a specialist solicitor can help to clarify the exact payments required by each parent.

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