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Kent is a county in England which borders London to the south-east. There are several industrial centres in north Kent, with cement-making in Northfleet and Cuxton, brick-making in Sittingbourne, shipbuilding on the Medway and Swale, engineering, aircraft design and construction in Rochester, chemicals in Dartford and papermaking in Swanley, amongst others. These industries mean that unlike the rest of the UK which is heavily reliant on service industries, Kent is relatively versatile. Kent business solicitors therefore offer a range of expertise. It is common for commercial lawyers to specialise in a specific area of law, or an industry. There are Kent business solicitors who are specialists in each of the industries which operate in the county.

The role of Kent business solicitors is to protect and offer sound legal and commercial advice to their clients. A business lawyer performs this role by ensuring the client is fully compliant with government regulations which relate to the client’s industry. Every industry must conform to its own regulatory body. Shipbuilding, for example, is governed by a specific body, whilst industries that have fewer regulations are often governed by the government directly, as well as by EU law. Kent business solicitors also serve their clients by advising them on the potential risks associated with specific commercial deals. It is this type of advice that allows the local companies to trade with confidence.

If you are in charge of a commercial entity in Kent, you would almost certainly benefit from speaking to Kent business solicitors about any regulatory issues or disputes you may be experiencing, or any commercial agreements you are planning to enter into.

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