Business solicitors and specialisations


There are many solicitors who would describe themselves as business solicitors. This job title does not convey the true range of specialisation that one finds within the field of commercial law. Business solicitors allow industries to function by making trade, mergers, acquisitions and technological developments possible. Each one of these activities is made possible by a different legal specialist.

For trade, a company would usually need a business solicitor to draft sale agreements and advise on potential risks of offers. This is commonly done by industry specialists; business solicitors that only deals with one type of industry, and thus understand the field almost as well as the clients themselves. Mergers and acquisitions are done by M&A solicitors who understand the legal requirements that are associated with such transactions. Technological developments are usually arrived at without solicitors, but they are protected through the work of intellectual-property lawyers. There are also business solicitors who specialise in insolvency and fraud, amongst other things.

If you are currently working as an agent for a commercial company, or you are the owner of a small or medium-sized business, you are likely to greatly benefit from speaking to a legal professional. Whether you are in the midst of a business dispute for which you seek legal advice, or you are in the process of agreeing a new contract and would like to make sure it is legally binding, specialist business solicitors can help.

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