Business litigation lawyers


Business litigation lawyers can be used to handle disputes that arise in the corporate and commercial sectors. A wide variety of disputes arise in these sectors, and often the disputes can involve vast sums of money. Companies’ reputations are also on the line as high-profile litigation often attracts much media attention. This highlights the need for ensuring that you instruct qualified business litigation lawyers to handle these matters.

Disputes that arise in a commercial and corporate context relate to asset and venture capital projects, banking transactions, corporate governance and competition law.

Another area of law in which business litigation lawyers can be used is intellectual property. Intellectual property covers the law on copyright, trademarks and registered and unregistered design rights. It is also closely related to the law on passing off. Business litigation lawyers can help businesses protect their intellectual-property rights. They can also help companies enforce their intellectual-property rights.

Protection and enforcement of intellectual-property rights is of extreme commercial importance to businesses. For example, if someone copies and sells your copyrighted material without consent, you are likely to lose revenue due to loss of sales. Business litigation lawyers could help you stop that person from infringing your copyright by getting a court injunction against them. They could also help you claim damages from that person for any losses incurred as a result of their copyright infringement.

Dependent on your case, business litigation lawyers may be able to offer you a no-win, no-fee agreement.

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