Business litigation law


A common feature of civil law, litigation is the proceeding of a case through court. Litigation involves an individual (known as a claimant) who brings about the charge and the person the charge is brought against, (usually the defendant). The claimant will choose to litigate when they have received damages due to the actions of the defendant and the defendant will then respond to this complaint. It is this process of carrying a case through court that is referred to as litigation.

Business litigation law in particular refers to the dealing of legal cases taking place between business and commercial relationships. These cases may include controversial issues that arise due to the complexities of commercial entities. Business litigation law involves resolving these issues whilst evaluating and handling them as well. These issues, depending on their nature, are usually resolved in courts. Whether the dispute under question is a small contract or a large-scale one legal representation is important.

Similar to civil litigation, business litigation law requires a claim to be made by the claimant so as to initiate the process. This claimant could be an individual or a business. Receiving considerable damages due to the defendant the claimant will file a complaint to which the court requires the defendant to file a response. The defendant, like the claimant, could be a business or an individual. Therefore it can be established that business litigation law revolves around cases made by individuals against businesses or by businesses against individuals, or a third possibility where both parties are established businesses.

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