How can a business litigation attorney help you?


A business litigation attorney (attorney is the American term for lawyer) can help a business resolve all legal disputes that arise in a business or commercial context. A business litigation attorney can help your business bring or defend litigation.

For example, your business might have a series of unpaid debts. A business litigation attorney can help you to recover these debts through (or the threat of) legal action. This could be by commencing a debt action in the civil courts against the debtor. This will involve drafting and submitting a range of legal documents to court. For instance, a business litigation attorney can draft the particulars of claim. This document sets out your case against the other party and states what remedies (normally damages plus interest) are being sought.

A business litigation attorney can also help you defend claims that have been brought against your business. A number of claims can be brought against businesses. Some examples include:

  • Employment claims
  • Breach of contract claims
  • Professional negligence claims
  • Tortious claims

If your business has been put on notice of a legal claim being made against you, you should contact a business litigation lawyer as soon as possible. Seeking expert, commercially focused, practical advice will help your business effectively settle these claims. It may be that an agreement can be reached out of court between both parties. However, if litigation is necessary, commercial or business litigation lawyers will be able to help you put forward the best possible defence.

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