Business law


Business law is a broad, generic term used to describe a huge swathe of law relating to the everyday activities of businesses. Business law is also commonly referred to as commercial law. The field is extremely broad, but offers services that are tailored specifically for the needs and demands of business clients.
Businesses in the UK are governed by laws relating to almost everything they do. In addition to laws passed by the parliament at Westminster, and at various regional legislatures, businesses in the UK must also comply with European business law.
Business law can be very complicated, so it's best to seek professional legal advice. If you would like to speak to an expert solicitor, call us on 08001 221 2299.

Company formation

The formation of a company often represents one of the earliest and most important legal steps for any business. Business lawyers can advise on the technical legal aspects of company formation, but also on the specifics of shareholders’ agreements and, for expanding businesses, contracts for acquisition or merger.


Business law incorporates contract law amongst its many and diverse fields. In addition to matters concerning contracts for sale and contracts for services, a business lawyer will also advise on franchise agreements, joint ventures and partnership agreements.

Intellectual property

In addition to contracts, businesses also look to protect their intellectual property, be it in the form of protection of copyright for original works, trademark registration, or patents for ideas and innovations. Business lawyers will give legal advice on all aspects of intellectual property law to businesses of any size.


Compliance is a buzzword in almost every business, being the legal term to describe operation within the law. Compliance matters are wide and varied, but include tax, financial and accounting provisions, health and safety regulations and sale of goods laws.
Maintaining compliance requires businesses to receive regular, up-to-date legal advice from a business lawyer to ensure that any important legal changes are identified and that the relevant actions are taken to stay within the law.


In addition to these general areas of business law, businesses may also face legal challenges from time to time from clients and regulators. Business lawyers will protect their clients from litigation, providing advice and representation for dispute resolution in court, and in mediation and arbitration proceedings.
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