Business and commercial litigation


Business and commercial litigation covers a broad area of legal work. Unfortunately, business and commercial disputes can be expensive and time-consuming, particularly as many businesses do not have effective terms and conditions. Chasing debtors, negotiating the dubious terms of a contract, disputes over jurisdiction, breach of contracts or warranty, professional negligence, product recalls and property disputes are just some examples of the types of problems that your business may encounter. Other more serious examples also include insolvency and bankruptcy proceedings, recovery of assets and wrongful trading, all of which can lead to some form of business and commercial litigation.

Expert advice is required throughout all stages of litigation, from which court to use to beginning proceedings in arbitration and dispute resolution. If you need to bring litigation proceedings against someone or have had them brought against you then it is vital to get in touch with an experienced solicitor as soon as possible as litigation is often a drain on management-time and resources. It would also be prudent to contact a business or commercial lawyer when setting up your business to make sure you have effective terms and conditions put in place to prevent any chance of future litigation.

Most business and commercial litigation, especially in the current climate, involves debt recovery, and expert advice should be sought on letters before action, credit control, issuing proceedings, enforcement and insolvency. All of which form part of the long chain of litigation.

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