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The term building law is commonly used to describe the complex rules and regulations which govern the building industry. Like most areas of law, building law is made up of both statute (e.g. acts of parliament) and case law. However, with building law secondary legislation such as local council bylaws and industry-specific regulations (building regulations) amount to a substantial part of the law.

Building law issues and disputes may arise at any stage of a build, or after a construction project is complete. In the early stages of a project, building laws will be used to define the employment terms of the builders, designers and tradesman. The law will also guide the type of build that would be permitted through planning permission, and to an extent the building method and materials used, through building regulations.

If any aspect of building law has been overlooked during the build, the consequences can be severe. For example, when a build is completed, the property should receive a certificate which states that building regulations were adhered to. If the building was not completed in accordance with the relevant building regulations, any such section will need to be rebuilt.

If you are involved in a dispute regarding building law, or you have to comply with building law regulations but you are not sure of your rights, speaking with a legal professional can help. The law can be quite complex and different remedies apply to different situations. The experience and knowledge of a building solicitor can help you find the remedy that is right for you.

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