Bringing a claim for a construction dispute


In the construction business, disputes arise relatively frequently. There are many different ways to resolve these disputes, but often they are resolved by one party filing a legal claim. Construction matters are usually complex and involve expert testimony and industry knowledge and understanding. This makes a construction claim much more expensive that other (more simple) claims.

The majority of construction claims are brought under the law of contract, rather than tort, for example. This is because construction disputes usually involve a conflict between two parties regarding the level of service one party has provided, the amount of compensation or the time it took a party to complete its obligations. All of these disputes come about as a result of a contract. When a construction claim is brought in tort, it usually has to do with damage done after the building was complete, where one party had owed a duty of care to another based on the type of work done. For example, an electrician may be liable in contract to a developer, but may also be liable in tort to the tenants that end up living in a house they worked on.

If you are currently involved in a construction dispute and are considering bringing a claim, it would be wise to first check your contract. Many construction contracts have specific information regarding the procedure in the event of a dispute, such as the notice method and whether arbitration is to be entered into rather than litigation.

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