Boundary dispute solicitors

Boundary dispute solicitors are property lawyers who specialise in neighbour disputes relating to the location of the boundary between the two properties. Boundary disputes often get out of hand very quickly when two people cannot agree and it is usually at this point that boundary dispute solicitors are instructed.

Boundary dispute solicitors will look at a number of pieces of evidence in an attempt to discover the location of the boundary. Firstly, they will look at the Land Registry website which should include plans for the properties, provided the land is registered. If the land is not registered then the solicitor will look at their client’s title deeds and probably ask the neighbour for a copy of their title deeds. Given that these documents would later have to be produced in court, the neighbour may save significant costs by producing their title deeds at this point.

Boundary dispute solicitors, after looking at the title deeds, will also look at current aerial photographs and historic photographs to see where the boundary lies and if there has been an attempt to change it. The solicitor will also ask about oral or written agreements that may have an effect on the boundary.

Boundary disputes can become complex and it is important to consider all your options before you engage in a full scale dispute and court action with your neighbour. It is always worth remembering that you are likely to have to disclose to any future buyer of your property any disputes that you are having with your neighbour and this could affect the value of your property.

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