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Golfer sued for shot that took out another player’s eye

Anthony Phee, 44, is suing James Gordon and the Niddry Castle Golf Club, West Lothian, for £750,000 after Mr Gordon’s stray shot hit him in the eye.

Mr Phee’s eye had to be removed as the impact caused his eye to “explode”.

He was walking from the sixth hole to the seventh tee when he heard Mr Gordon cry fore after his shot swerved left and stayed low, heading towards Mr Phee and his group.

Mr Phee told the court that on hearing the cry of fore, the shout that indicates a stray ball is in the air, he ducked and raised his hand. However, he “didn’t know where the fore was coming from. I didn’t know which direction anything was. I had no idea where the ball was coming from.”

He is suing the golf club as there are no signs on the course to warn players of shots from the 18th tee or to tell players to wait while the shots are played.

He is suing Mr Gordon as “It is common knowledge among golfers that it is the responsibility of the striker of the ball to satisfy himself that his shot cannot harm anyone.”

Mr Gordon’s legal team are contesting the claim. Mr Gordon, who had a handicap of 18 at the time, said that when he saw his ball was headed towards Mr Phee and his group, he was “very anxious” and yelled fore at the top of his voice.

He told the court that three of the four people went down on hearing his cry, but one of the group, Mr Phee, looked up towards the sky.

The court will now consider Mr Phee’s claim and whether £750,000 is sufficient compensation for the permanent loss of one eye. If Mr Phee is found to have contributed to his injury, his compensation will be reduced.

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