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Five-year-old British girl embroiled in transatlantic custody dispute

A young British girl with an American father is the subject of an international custody battle which has gone all the way to the US Supreme Court, according to the Telegraph.

Five-year-old Eris Hales Chafin’s mother, Lynne Hales, is arguing with ex-husband Jeffrey Chafin, a US Army sergeant, over custody of their daughter.


European women’s groups call for ban on prostitution

The European Women’s Lobby (EWL), which claims to be the largest umbrella organisation for women’s associations in Europe, presented key policy recommendations for legislation to MEPs in Brussels last Wednesday.

BBC News reports that over 200 women’s rights groups, led by EWL, are campaigning for new laws to make paying for sex a crime throughout the European Union.


Python producer seeks larger share of Grail

The High Court yesterday learned that the surviving members of Monty Python are note “unpleasant, shifty people” as a case regarding profits gained from 1975 film Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Producer of the film Mark Forstater has taken the surviving members of the comedy group to court demanding an equal share of profits from spin-offs, particularly the stage musical Spamalot.


Woman sues Health Minister over IVF age discrimination

The Daily Mail reported yesterday that a 37-year-old woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, has issued a legal challenge regarding age discrimination by her local Primary Care Trust (PCT).

In June, the woman was told by the PCT in Berkshire east that she was ‘too old’ to be given fertility treatment on the NHS. She went through a trust appeals procedure twice, but was handed the same decision each time.


Contempt laws under review for modern juries

According to a report by the BBC, the Law Commission has begun a consultation into the effectiveness of England and Wales’ contempt of court rules.

The current law was introduced in 1981, long before the ‘information superhighway’ became a part of our day-to-day lives.


Mole who sold Dyson tech to Bosch named

An industrial spy alleged to have sold top-secret Dyson vacuum cleaner technology to a rival has been named as Chinese engineer Yong Pang, according to The Telegraph.

Dyson claim Mr Pang was paid £11,500 by Bosch, a German competitor, in exchange for key intellectual property.


Man obsessed with British woman detained after sailing from Turkey

A 38-year-old Turkish man who sailed to England to find the love of his life has been detained by border staff, according to The Independent.

Ramazan Culum met a British woman while on a scuba diving trip in Cyprus during 2005.


Women told to wear mini-skirt to work awarded £27,000 for sexual harassment

A Northern Ireland woman has been awarded £27,000 by an employment tribunal for the sexual harassment she received while working at J&M Services, according to the BBC.

The woman was subjected to “disgracefully lewd comments” by Mervyn Johnston and Joe McFall, and was then dismissed when running late from taking her child to a doctor’s appointment.


Council settles out of court over unsafe tree that killed teenager

The family of 13-year-old Sophie Howard, from Cambridgeshire, who was killed by a falling branch in a public park in June 2011, have received an undisclosed payment from Yaxley Parish Council.

The tragedy happened on a week-day in Middletons Road Recreation Ground, near Peterborough, when Sophie was in the park sitting under a tree with some friends. She was not at school that day because of nationwide industrial action.


Premier Foods axing 900 staff by “improving efficiency”

Premier Foods, maker of Hovis breads, is reportedly going to close two bakeries and shed 900 jobs next year, according to the BBC.

The company will close bakeries in west London and Birmingham, as well as cutting 130 distribution routes and closing distribution centres in west London, Birmingham, Plymouth and Mendlesham in order to simplify its bread distribution network.


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