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Millionairess sues daughter for control of £3m house

Property millionaires Diana Lindsay, 85, is suing her daughter for the £3m home she brought for her in 1991 because she fears her daughter’s new husband will attempt gain control of the property.

The High Court in London warned both the women that “irreparable damage” may be caused to their relationship if the hearing continues.

Diana Lindsay paid £256,554 for the property in London’s Chelsea and her daughter, Beverley Lindsay, contributed £19,000. Diana Lindsay’s solicitors are arguing that although the property was registered solely in Diana Lindsay’s name, her mother’s contribution entitles her to control over it. She said there was an understanding between the two that she would always retain an interest in it.

Beverley Lindsay is arguing that her mother’s contribution was only ever supposed to be a loan, most of which has been repaid.

Diana Lindsay has taken the somewhat extreme action of suing her daughter for the property after her daughter married Michael Palmer, 49, without entering into a prenuptial agreement. Although not legally binding in a court of law in the UK, a prenup agreement will still be considered by a court and is good evidence to show the parties intentions at the time they entered into the marriage.

Diana Lindsay wanted the prenuptial agreement because she was trying to protect her daughter from a man who has been married three times previously, and was in fact still in his third marriage when he began his relationship with Beverley Lindsay.

Diana Lindsay wrote to her daughter saying: “I’m like a lioness with her cubs and would fight to the death for you.

“Please my love have a pre-nup, don’t be too gullible….I simply wish to protect you from anything going wrong, which I hope it will not.”

Beverley Lindsay’s solicitors said that her mother’s action is baseless and is motivated by a “dissatisfaction” with her daughter’s relationship.

Judge Patrick McCahill QC said he hoped the matter could be resolved out of court to avoid permanent damage to a previously close relationship.

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