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Female barrister paid £70,000 in sex discrimination settlement

Dolores Creen has been awarded £70,000 by the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) in settlement of her sex discrimination claim. The PSNI did not admit any liability, but settled the claim in acknowledgement of the “upset and distress” experienced by Creen during her time working on the Rosemary Nelson murder inquiry.

Creen alleged sex discrimination for a number of reasons. She discovered she was being paid less than a male colleague and was often given work that was below her skill level. In addition, she was let go by the PSNI when her male colleague was retained.

Creen said: “”I was extremely disappointed by the treatment afforded me during my work as part of the PSNI legal team on the inquiry.”

She added: “It amounted to a denigration of my position within my chosen profession and was, I believe, unjustifiable.”

Her claim was supported by the Equality Commission NI.

The settlement award of £70, 000 consists of £40,000 for loss of earnings following the termination of Creen’s contract and includes compensation for her claim of equal pay. In addition, she was awarded £30,000 for injury to feelings.

The PSNI chief constable, Matt Baggott, acknowledged the distress caused to Creen by her experience and reaffirmed the PSNI’s commitment to gender equality in the workplace.

Creen said she was “pleased” the case has now been resolved.

She added that she hopes her claim will be seen as an example, and will encourage other women who feel undervalued at work to challenge their employers and demand equality in treatment and pay at work.

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