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May 2012

Bee Gees’ member’s family fears inheritance dispute with mother of love child

On Sunday the 20th of May Robin Gibb, a member of the Bee Gees, died from liver and colon cancer. Many are now curious how his assets will be divided.

The Daily Mail reports that the singer had an open relationship with his wife Dwina, with whom he had three children. One of the women Gibb had been involved with was the couple’s former housekeeper, Claire Yang, and the two had a child together. (more…)

Part IV of our series on alternative dispute resolution - arbitration

Part IV: Arbitration

Today is the fourth part of our blog series on alternative dispute resolution. The two previous posts have looked at mediation in general and what types of disputes are suitable for mediation.

In this post we will be looking at arbitration, which will be continued in next week’s post when the focus will be on the type of disputes commonly solved through arbitration. (more…)

Part III of our series on alternative dispute resolution

Part III: Disputes solved through mediation

Today is the third part of our series on alternative dispute resolution. The last post looked at mediation in general, and today we will be looking closer at some forms of disputes that are particularly suitable for being resolved through this form of alternative dispute resolution.

Mediation is a popular dispute resolution method for family and employment disputes, as well as personal injury conflicts. Regardless of the nature of the specific dispute, it is important that the parties are willing to negotiate and are not too entrenched in their positions. The success of mediation rests on the parties’ ability to compromise and come to a joint agreement. (more…)

Youngest person to complete a full sex-change competes in Miss England contest

Jackie Green, an 18-year-old from Leeds, has reached the semi-finals of the Miss England competition, to be held later this month. Jackie’s achievement is remarkable because she is the youngest person ever, at 16 years of age, to have a full sex-change operation.

Jackie, originally named Jack by her parents, went through a difficult time growing-up as she always felt uncomfortable as a boy.  Jackie preferred to wear girl’s clothes even in her toddler years, but later on she was bullied at school and became depressed. (more…)

Coroner finds dead spy was probably murdered

The inquest into the death of MI6 cryptologist Gareth Williams has ended in a narrative verdict. The coroner found that there was insufficient evidence to find that he was murdered, but said an open verdict would not have served justice.

Mr Williams was discovered dead in his Bristol flat in 2010. He had been locked into a North Face bag and placed in the bath.


Court rules The Pirate Bay file-sharing website must be blocked by ISPs

Virgin Media has become the first Internet Service Provider (ISP) to block its customers from access to the Swedish file-sharing website, The Pirate Bay.

The media company is complying with an order granted by the High Court this week. Other providers named by the judge, including TalkTalk, Sky, Everything Everywhere and O2, are expected to take the same action in the near future.

Employee dismissed after sexually harassing female colleague online

Employers have an obligation to look after the well-being of their employees, which goes beyond ensuring a safe work environment. As such, many companies have procedures in place to ensure that no worker is discriminated, harassed or bullied at the workplace.

With the expansion of the internet such behaviour now risks occurring in another forum, beyond the office environment. (more…)

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